COVADO GmbH, based near Frankfurt/a.M. and founded by Maik Käbisch, is dedicated to designing, implementing and supervising the optimal wealth and governance structure on behalf of successful business leaders and ultra high-net-worth individuals and estates. COVADO has developed a particular expertise for generational wealth transitions, in particular with complex corporate asset structures.

For more than 10 years, Mr. Käbisch worked in senior positions with Europe’s leading financial institutions such as Credit Suisse. He was also on the board of Döttinger/Straubinger AG, one of Germany’s largest independent asset managers. Mr. Käbisch is actively serving on two supervisory boards and acts as managing director of a charitable foundation in Germany. As business angel he actively supports innovative high-growth enterprises. His unique expertise and network in wealth management combined with the deep and active understanding of corporate finance and governance define COVADO’s distinct business approach and market positioning.

COVADO is exclusively and always on the side of the client. COVADO’s sole obligation is what is best for the client. All remuneration is structured accordingly to exclude any potential conflicts of interest from the outset. Absolute independence is of central importance in relation to COVADO’s business advice and financial management.

The focus is on an intensive dialogue with the client to first and foremost understand the client’s needs and goals. On that basis, a joint action plan for optimal asset allocation, governance and wealth transition is defined.

COVADO is the trusted partner of some of Europe’s leading entrepreneurial families.